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May 1st,  2016 at 3PM

Nachoem Wijnberg is a professor at the economy and business faculty of the University of Amsterdam. His specialty is entrepreneurship and innovation. 

However, he is also a poet and novelist.

His poetry has received many Dutch and Belgian awards, including the 2009 VSB Prize for the best book of poetry. His poetry has been translated in many languages.  
Recently published works in Dutch include a book of poems (Van groot belang, Atlas Contact, 2015), and a novel (Alle collega’s dood, Van Gennep, 2015 ). Several books have also been translated in English. 

Poetry and Tradition (of great importance) 

The lecture - richly illustrated with poems, especially from the recently translated works of the lecturer - will focus on how poetry can work with very disparate traditions, ranging from 19th century Indian traditions of the ghazal to the Jewish talmudic traditions – and how 21st century Dutch poetry can provide the most suitable home to make use of these and other traditions to do the work of great poetry, which is understanding the world and everything in it that is of great importance, including the details of income- and capital gains tax systems.

May 1, 3 p.m. at 2040 Valley Life Science Building.
Reception after the lecture.

May 8th, 2016 at 3PM


Using images on screen of work from 1993 to 2016, Lucy Matzger, fiber artist, will at the same time demonstrate with actual examples on hand, her unique technique of creating three-dimensional fiber sculptures as well as kimono forms which look wearable but are definitely not. Her work is made from used coffee filters saved for her by about 15 friends and his material places her work in the categories of fiber art and recyclable art. She will bring a number of pieces to the evening for close-up examination as
well as talk about her progression from hobbyist to mature artist exhibiting in a number of galleries and with work in private collections and art institutions.

Lucia van Meurs arrived in the U.S. in 1963, with a visa as a result of the U.S. program to increase N. European immigration and a sponsorship from a Jewish woman who survived WWII thanks to her father’s underground activities. She herself became part of the S.F. Jewish community by marrying Paul J. Matzger, an attorney with whom she has two grown children.

3 p.m. in Valley Life Science Building, room 2040.
Reception following the event.