The Netherlands America University League 
     of California

Netherlands America University League of California (NAUL)

An Introduction by Professor Johan Snapper

The Netherlands America University League of California (NAUL-CAL), a non-profit Bay Area organization founded in 1985, has as its principal aim to present outstanding programs of a cultural, societal, or scholarly nature dealing with the Netherlands and Flanders (Belgium). It draws from a number of sources, among which the University of California [see link], whose world-renown faculty and distinguished visitors the League makes accessible to the general public. These include scholars from the humanities, social sciences, and the natural sciences, but also celebrated artists, actors, writers, musicians, and governmental or political leaders. Recent feature and documentary films, from or about the Low Countries, are shown on a regular basis.

The highlight of each year (September through May) is the Mariska Huynen Memorial Program, underwritten by Dr. and Mrs. Richard Huynen, which features some of the best Netherlandic cultural events.

NAUL-CAL also promotes social interaction with others interested in the arts and sciences. Consequently, 
the League presents a catered reception after each program, giving the members an opportunity to meet with the speakers and/or performers. Because of its close association with the Dutch Studies Program at University of California, the majority of the events are held on the Berkeley campus and, by popular request, on weekends, to facilitate patrons commuting from a distance. (Dutch Studies at U.C. Berkeley has the distinction of having two endowed chairs from two different countries: The Queen Beatrix Chair of the Language, Literature & Culture of the Netherlands, and the Peter Paul Rubens Chair for the History and Culture of the Low Countries, from Belgium at the University of California ).

NAUL-CAL is supported by a membership with reasonable annual dues, as well as the generous support of the Campini Foundation, whose Director is Henny Neys.