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King's Day Saturday April 23, 2016



King’s Day (until 2013 known as Queen’s Day) is a national holiday in the Netherlands. It’s a day where everybody in the Netherlands is, for one day, conteminated with ‘orange fever’, our national colour. You can consider it as a phenomenal street party. Children (and adults) may sell (or trade) their second hand toys and clothes, vendors sell Dutch food. There are old children’s games like pin a tail on the donkey, potato bag racing and new games. There are DJ’s on the streets (sponsored by radio stations) with an orange coloured crowd dancing. People perform, there is art, there is so much going on at this day. The day itself has developed to an international well known day, people fly in to the Netherlands to be part of the celebration!


From Queen’s Day to King’s Day
In 2013 Queen Beatrix, after 33 years and right before her 75th birthday, abdicated the throne. The abdication secures the Dutch throne for Crown-Prince Willem-Alexander at the age of 45. His wife, Princess Maxima, is Argentinian and very popular in the Netherlands. They have three daughters: Catharina-Amalia, Princess of Orange (9 years old), Princess Alexia (8 years old), and Princess Ariane (6 years old).

Celebrating Dutch Culture

For the third time the Consulate of the Netherlands, together with the broader Dutch community, has brought a piece of Amsterdam to San Francisco by organizing the celebration in the Golden Gate Park. In the Netherlands Amsterdam (Vondelpark) is one of the most popular cities to visit with Queen’s Day. It’s a day where we celebrate Dutch culture, which reflects in food, music, entrepreneurship and creativity.


In the Golden Gate Park, at Murphy’s Windmill* there was a variety of food vendors offering Dutch delicacies such as cheese, pastries, fresh and raw herring, pancakes and waffles prepared Dutch style. We had several San Franciscan food trucks who solely offered Dutch fresh baked fries and snacks prepared and served in a specific Dutch way.


Dutch DJ’s flew in from the Netherlands to play their famous Dutch House style music. Live band ‘Once Again’ performed famous Dutch songs and San Francisco based but from Dutch origin DJ Marc van Brabant performed an eclectic clash of well known Dutch oldies and the new hits by famous DJ’s such as DJ Hardwell, Armin van Buuren and many others. Silent disco was a new asset to the entertainment and very popular amongst a wide age variety.

Entrepreneurship was showcased by the many children (and adults) who were allowed (for one day) to sell or trade their second hand toys and clothes. Also people sold their own made jewelry and apparel. There were traditional Dutch children’s games.


Everybody of the greater Bay Area community (and beyond) was invited to join in this memorable family-friendly celebration. The 2013 event was attended by 3,500 people, who came from greater San Francisco, East Bay, South Bay, even from Portland. In 2014, we expect to achieve over 4,000 visitors (weather permitting). The celebration offers an array of opportunities for sponsors, and accommodates the need for information, orientation and recreation.


Location & Date:

Murphy’s Windmill and surrounding area, Saturday April 25, 2015.


*Murphy’s Windmill
Murphy’s Windmill (1905), a gift to the city from banker Samuel G. Murphy, the now-restored Murphy Windmill was the largest in the world when it was built. In the year 2000 a campaign was started to collect money to save the windmill. The restoration took over 10 years, and was under the auspicien of Lucas Verbij, a Dutch windmill design and construction expert. The dome has been transported back and forth to the Netherlands and was replaced in September 2011, finishing the first part of the restoration. The installation of the water pump will be the second and final part of the restoration and is yet to be scheduled.

Murphy’s Windmill and the Millwright’s Cottage are a perfect venue to celebrate this Dutch national holiday. It offers, not only a beautiful venue, suitable for children to play and adults to recreate, but also a scenic venue for this special event.

King’s Day at Murphy’s Windmill offers:

·       A prime venue in Golden Gate Park, the green heart of San Francisco, creating an ideal setting in which to meet (potential) customers

·       Ongoing branding and visibility to the greater community of San Francisco

·       A platform for launching new products and promoting existing products

·       A framework for building relationships within the community of North California

·       Strengthening positioning for an organization as an American or European company catering to an international crowd.